Education is the most
powerful weapon
which you can use to change the world.



In 2008, with only 15 children, Indiana-born Kenyan resident Terry Little started Hands of Love Development Centre to serve children from low-income families; offering early childhood care and education in Kariobangi – Nairobi, Kenya.

WHY we started

 Working mothers living in Kariobangi are faced with a difficult situation of having to either leave their children at home unattended for up to 7 hours a day or drop them off at unlicensed pre-schools which are congested and have untrained teachers/caregivers at a fee.

where we are now

We provide education, good learning environment, two meals a day and other vital necessities to about 180 children every single day. Our commitment lies in expanding access to quality early childhood education to these children and to a greater extent, suppress the levels of poverty in Kariobangi.