Hands of Love Development Centre is a local initiative, started in 2008 by Indiana-born, Kenyan resident Terry Little, as a place where working mothers in the low-income residential estate of Kariobangi in Nairobi, Kenya, could leave their children as they went to work.

Families living in poverty in Kariobangi face a difficult decision of where to keep their young children during the working day. They typically have one of two options:

1. Leave their children home alone for up to 7 hours a day;
2. Drop off their children at an unlicensed,congested pre-school with untrained teachers / caregivers for a fee.

In both scenarios, the healthy growth & development of the children is compromised. When they enter Primary School they are already behind and at a greater risk of school failure. This often results in them being locked in an inter-generational cycle of poverty that is all but impossible to escape.

Hands of Love Development Centre is Incorporated in Indiana, USA EIN 47-3727631 and is registered as a 501(c)3