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Hands of Love is a local initiative, started in 2008 by Indiana-born, Kenyan resident Terry Little, as a place where working mothers in the low-income residential estate of Kariobangi in Nairobi, Kenya, could leave their children as they went to work.

Families living in poverty in Kariobangi face a difficult decision of where to keep their young children during the working day. They typically have one of two options:

1. Leave their children home alone for up to 7 hours a day;
2. Drop off their children at an unlicensed,congested pre-school with untrained teachers / caregivers for a fee.

In both scenarios, the healthy growth & development of the children is compromised. When they enter Primary School they are already behind and at a greater risk of school failure. This often results in them being locked in an inter-generational cycle of poverty that is all but impossible to escape.

For just $1 a day, you can send a child to Hands of Love school for a full year. The money provides education, two nutritious meals per day and basic healthcare.


Meet Our Team

Our ability to deliver outstanding results for our children starts with our team of dedicated teachers and support staff. The team shares a passion for education and are committed to ensuring that our children get the best learning experiences.

Mauline Kemunto

Grade 2 Teacher

Pauline Wanjiru

Grade 1 Teacher

Monica Njeri

Play Group Teacher

Justus Kishoiyan

Grade 1 Teacher


No of children we are currently serving

Latest News

Special Appeal for Emma Nyambura

Meet Emma Nyambura – a four-year-old girl who has a history of rickets that has caused severe bowing leaving her with chronic pain in the spine, pelvis and legs that makes it difficult for her to learn. Emma has never received proper treatment for her condition. Her parents thought that the problem will resolve on its own as she grew.

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Beyond Expectations

Our music club has put Hands of Love on the map, winning first prize at district-wide (Kasarani) competition and then at the regional-wide (Nairobi) competition. So, we will be participating at the Kenya National Music Festival which will be held at Kabarak University, Nakuru, August 5 – 9. But the competition has been about more than just winning prizes. It

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I traveled to Kisii to attend Justus Kishoiyan graduation ceremony at Kenyanya Teachers Training college on Friday May 24. It was a wonderful, colorful day. Lots of dancing, lots of fun.

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Week Four 2019 Report (January 20 – 26)

We had an amazing and productive week, learning and growing together. It was a week of many change and many firsts. Elizabeth, one of the two new teachers was on duty and she did an excellent job coordinating various activities and leading the assembly – during which she taught us new Kamba (one of the over 42 local languages) songs.

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