COVID – 19 CRISIS & HoL’s Response

Kenya confirmed its first case of COVID-19 on Sunday, March 15. As of today (March 21), there are seven confirmed cases. After the first case was confirmed, President Kenyatta ordered the closure of schools along with several other actions to stop the disease before it has a chance to strike what is already a vulnerable population. At the moment, the closures will last one month.

The closure makes our mission of providing education in a safe environment impossible for the next month. The proclamation makes meetings for information sharing difficult, and we hope to face that with a WhatsApp group for parents and teachers. Serving meals to 180 hungry kids each day is one of our most painful challenges, and so we decided to buy large stocks of staples to distribute to families. As of today, we have distributed 425kg/937 pounds of rice, 150kg/330 pounds of lentils, 336kg/741 pounds of cornmeal and 90kg/200 pounds of red beans to 101 families. We will see how that works and adjust as needed in the coming weeks

We are looking into the most practical ways to continue providing health care and medical assistance to our children. We are in touch with leaders of other schools and organizations in the neighbourhood to see what they are doing and to explore the possibilities. One of the things we want to do in addition to providing food is to distribute hand washing containers and soap/sanitizers to our families. If you have any questions or have recommendations from your experiences that we can use to protect our children and community best, we would love to hear from you. In the meantime, we know we can count on your prayers and moral support.


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