Where we started

Hands of Love Educational Centre started in 2008 as a place where working mothers in Kariobangi could leave their children as they went to work. It started out of a local initiative but it wasn’t long before Terry Little our founder joined the effort helping fuel the initiative and grow it to where it is now.

Our story has grown from one small room providing ‘babycare’ to 15 children to a fully fledged school providing early childhood care and primary education up to grade four.

From its inception the centre took a holistic approach to early childhood education. We laid emphasis on addressing the unmet needs of children. In addition to educating the children we have fed them, clothed them, treated them when they fell sick and supported their families.

Over the past 9 years we have served over 400 children who are being successful in school.

Where We Are Now

Hello, I am Sami Waweru, the director of Hands of Love Educational Center. Without access to quality early childhood education, children who live in poverty have a high probability of being unsuccessful in school, often getting locked in an intergenerational cycle of poverty that is near impossible to escape.

We are committed to expanding access to quality early childhood education for such children in Kariobangi so they have a better chance of completing their education and breaking free from the grasp of poverty. I am pleased to say that we have been able to impact and change educational outcomes for many children. Many of our graduates are now in upper primary school education and being very successful. The first group to graduate from the center will be joining high school next year.

We serve 187 children providing them with a safe, warm and clean environment where they receive education, nutritious food and other vital necessities

Where We Are Going

The work that we have done so far is incredible, but we realize there’s more that needs to be done to support the children we serve and their families. We see ourselves growing into a center of excellence for early childhood care and education. In addition, we would like to do more to support and strengthen families.

As Nelson Mandela said “education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” with your partnership, we can change the future of Kariobangi one child at a time.

Meet Our Team

Terry Little
Sami Waweru
Lucy Awuor
Lilian Anyango
Pauline Livondo
Monica Achieng
Pauline Wanjiru
Cayt Njeri
Mauline Kemunto
Daniel Otieno
Margret Avagalwa
Erick Ojwang
Admin Assistant